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Courses Taught

Sociology of Work (syllabus)

UC Davis, Summer 2019

What’s changed in the economy since your parents started their careers? What makes a “good” job? Why do women earn less than men, and how long will it take for women to reach pay parity? A sociological perspective helps us answer these and other questions. This course examines the structure of work and employment today: employment trends, changing patterns in careers and job tenure; nonstandard work; how people get jobs; and unions and other sources of occupational power. Throughout this course, we will pay close attention to how social factors like class, gender, and race shape who works, who does what kind of work, and how work is valued.

Sociology of Adolescence (syllabus)

UC Davis, Summer 2018 

This class begins with a discussion of adolescence as a social invention that has varied across time. Throughout the course, we examine the contexts of adolescence (families, peer groups, and schools), analyzing age alongside race, class, gender, sexuality, and other social factors. We consider adolescence and social problems like online bullying, teen pregnancy, and delinquency and examine the cultural, economic, and demographic forces that have altered the transition from adolescence to young adulthood. The course concludes with a discussion of adolescent activism and policy solutions for problems facing adolescents and emerging adults.

Teaching Assistant 

Deviance (UC Davis, Winter 2019) 

Social Policy (UC Davis, Winter 2017)  

Immigration, Incorporation, and Diversity (UC Davis, Fall 2016)

Psychology Statistics (UC Santa Cruz, Winter 2012)

Introduction to Psychology (UC Santa Cruz, Spring 2012)

Composition and Reading (Berkeley City College, Spring 2010)​

Writing Workshop (Berkeley City College: Winter 2010, Spring 2010)   


Sociology of Adolescence (UC Davis, Spring 2019) 

​Violence and Inequality (UC Davis, Spring 2018)

Race, Gender, and US Sport (UC Davis, Winter 2018)

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